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September 02, 2006


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Thank you for your post. I agree with you that unprofessional behavior in the nursing workplace is common unfortunately and its not until "someone goes to far" that this practice is reviewed. I have several current cases in my law practice where joking behavior and pranks "went to far."



Then go to allnurses.com Under general dis. LOOK AT LACK OF MALE PATIENT PRIVACY. All nurses are unprofessional!


I agree with you. Nurses as licensed healthcare professionals need to be aware of our legal rights and responsibilities in the workplace.

Shana Phea

I am an LVN and an RN slandered my character and name as not being a "real nurse". The RN told the patient untrue information about me and my license as a nurse. I know that we all as nurses have learned about legal and ethical isssues and deformation of a person's character and name.


Florida Nurse,

Unfortunately your plight is becoming more common in nursing, especially in hospitals. Whenever you are practicing in an unhealthy and toxic environment, its risky. Are you willing to assume the risks? If not, consider finding employment elsewhere. As a nurse, you have lots of employment options and you should consider exercising those options.

Florida Nurse

I am working in a very dysfunctional and unhealthy environment in FL. A colleague of mine whom has been practicing in critical care for 20 + years and is a CCRN was just suspended for an accusation of unprofessional conduct and drug diversion. Now I hear that a nurse in FL has NO rights if working for a non-union hospital and that even the suspicion of drugs or bad behavior that is not outright proven can get a RN infront of the nursing board. What can you do when this is a right to work state?

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