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August 18, 2007


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Carolyn Tucker, RN

I carry malpractice ins. against the advice of most all my RN co-workers. I believe in it.....but I was sad to hear Susie Orman on her show this past Sat night tell a nurse, that private malpractice insurance was NOT necessary, as long as the nurse was covered under her employer & the nurse followed all policies perfectly.



Thank you, thank you, thank you for this post.

I am a brand new RN. In some nursing schools, including my alma mater, malpractice and board discipline is being glossed over. We discuss it, but we even had our own head honcho of the nursing school tell us in class that we do not need our own malpractice insurance, nor should we look at areas of practice based on the amount of litigation and lawsuits. One instructor told me "don't ask, and certainly, don't tell" when I inquired for research into a paper I was doing.

If I hadn't done research and found information on my own prior to entering nursing school, I'd never know what I know now about malpractice. As a result of research, I got my own malpractice insurance as a student and now as a RN. My family (and my checking account) certainly deserves the protection it provides.

I'm putting a link to this post on my blog, so I hope you don't mind. Thanks for this great information.

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