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September 19, 2007


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Karen, thank you for your comment. Keep your head up. If you havent' done so already, you need to consult with a nurse license defense attorney in your state ASAP. Most nurses (and licensed healthcare professionals) represent, counsel, and advise themselves in State licensing board matters and this cases are becoming more and more complex. Trust me when I tell you the "standard practice cases" don't exist anymore and are few and far between. I think this is a reflection of how skilled nursing services are becoming and our growing scope of practice. Contact TAANA at www.taana.org and speak with an attorney.


I too have went through a great deal of heck with the board-I was reported 2 my on-site home-care job smelling of alcohol to which i was not drinking or drunk just from night before having drinks @ ballgame...the last 2 yrs. of my life has been a living hell. I was told by a board member it it something alot of nurses do when there are accusations pending[surrender your license]the stipulation to get it back would render alot of moniteering of alcohol testing,mental stability, and general moniteering of your whole life-I'm sorry but they do really stick it to you. I have never had any of these issues. I feel like it is a witch-hunt...i don't agree with their tactics of how they handle issues with nurses who are not criminals but treat you like one!!



Thank you for your comment. I would suggest you email, Jack Stem, who is a former CRNA with several years of sobriety at [email protected].

Jack is a Recovery Consultant with my law firm and he also offers services in his own company for nurses in recovery.

Jack surrendered his nursing license and can speak with you about his experiences and provide you with some resources.


I am an RN participating in an Alternative Program for Chemical Dependency. I have recieved treatment for addiction, which I am forever greatful for. I am considering surrendering my license due to fears I have about returning to practice. In addition, a fresh start in a new career would eliminate a lot of stress.

I am having some difficulty finding information on this process online. I would appreciate any feedback.


I can appreciate the frustration nurses experience when a Nursing Board investigation is pending. I would say however before you decide to voluntarily surrender your license that you speak with a nurse license defense attorney to discuss your options.

A permanent license surrender is well, permanent and final and after a few years away from practice or clear of situation, you may want to return to nursing.

When you represent yourself in these matters IT IS HARD to maintain your composure (just the facts), keep your eyes on the prize, sort through the evidence with objectivity, and take well-reasoned steps.

Rhonda Doolin LPN

I'm experiencing my worst nightmare right now! Five weeks ago I reported a drug discrepancy to my DON. Rather than being happy that I found drugs were missing and reported it, I was met with a great deal of #####! I had only been with the job for three weeks and decided (after a few unpleasant calls from people I thought were probably my co-workers) to quit and return to my previous job. During the same day I quit the Corporation decided to drug test all nurses in the building because of the discrepancy I found ( a whole card of narcotics came up "missing" the paper trail was also "missing"). I went about my way but even worked one extra night for the employer so they would not have to replace my twelve hour shift. The following week I received a letter from the Attorney General's Office citing a consumer complaint. It simply said "employee refused mandatory drug test and was terminated" Only problem is no one ever told me I was terminated. My life has been turned upside down. I live in a small community and have even been questioned about this situation at the grocery store! Now, I'm supposed to follow explicit instruction of the Nurse Advocacy Program or lose my license. I have pretty much decided to give the State my license back and pursue another career. I have been anxiety ridden, had increased physical pain (I have CMS and Fibromyalgia), and fallen to depression. I understand that the individuals I have spoken to are just doing their job but it doesn't change what I have experienced for the past five weeks. On top of it all my unemployment has been graciously denied! I plan to file an appeal. I have also filed a complaint against the facility which I was employed with the American Civil Liberties Union. My account of the situation has been "briefly" described, it is horrific! There are many more details that you just wouldn't believe. So, I DO understand the blogger who described her frustration with the Nursing Board and Kudos to you for surrendering your license before they made your life even worse.

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