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March 23, 2008


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Jack Stem

I'm always amused and amazed that people seem to think we can separate our private selves from our public selves. I heard someone say how we conduct ourselves "at home" in our personal life reveals who we REALLY are, not the mask we wear in our public/professional life. I think this is a result of "situational ethics" or "the ends justify the means" thinking.

I'm sure very few nurses have ever read the Code of Ethics. The statement I like the most:

"The code of ethics establishes the ethical for the profession. It is not negotiable in any setting."


I am sorry to hear about your issues with your husband. I think you are personally what you are professionally. If you are a liar and thief in your personal life (or vice versa) at some point it will affect your professional life because the two are not mutually exclusive. Take care of yourself.


I agree with this comment wholeheartedly. I am married to an advanced practice nurse in ohio. He lacks integrity and ethical conscience. My spouse is a liar and cheat and how that has impacted his working career is; boundary violations, theft of medications, power struggles that involve patient care, violating confidentialtiy practices and other narcasisstic traits that have spilled over into his "practice" of nursing.
I also am a nurse and I would not dream of violating patient rights and crossing boundaries as he has. It is sad that the last affair he had was with a nurse that has gone down the dark path with him.
This ethical statement rings very true for myself, nursing for me is a lifestyle, not a job.

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