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June 25, 2008


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brenda ramey

Should they take away someone's career for using a residents telephone? I know that is wrong and the person may should be fired or better yet placed on some kind of probation for a period of time. But not lose there career after 20 years in the field.

Donna Phillips

A slap on the hand to someone who has absolutely no conscience is not quite going to do any good. Should be jail time and BIG fine or they will keep doing it...Why? Because they can.


Rehab RN,

Thank you for the post. We have the good, the bad, and ugly acting in every occupation, trade, and profession.



I hate to say it, but this is indicative of our society. Everything is supposed to be instant.
Sure a STNA is not a well paid job, but people who care about their reputation (which incidentally is priceless) don't do that sort of stuff.

I just realized that I have been in a number of positions of trust over the years before I became a nurse (bank teller, etc.). I have always valued my reputation.

Having a good one helps a lot when finding a job, getting one, and keeping one. If only more people had that driven into them at an early age.

Stealing from those who cannot defend themselves (or even those who can) is despicable.

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