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February 18, 2009


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Thank you for your comment. It remains to be seen how the UAN-NNOC will be managed and whether the three unions, which are used to running their own show individually, will place nice together as a unified RN union. I read an article that 85% of RNs work in non-union settings and it remains to be seen whether the UAN-NNOC and the SEIU will make any significant strides in increasing the percentage of organized RNs over the next 2, 5, or 10 years.


I think this is an upset to the whole labor movement and is becoming more and more caustic. Given our current economic crisis, we will have nationalization of banks, unions, and God knows what else.


Given our unique role in healthcare, we have special ethical, legal, and moral duties to act as advocates in the exclusive interests of patients. Several influential reports and peer-reviewed studies have shown a dramatic rise in medical errors, poor patient outcomes, and an alarming number of preventable patient deaths directly attributable to inadequate RN to patient ratios, mandatory overtime, replacement of RNs by unlicensed personnel and other dangerous administrative practices. The UAN/NNOC will provide RNs with the legally protected right to influence and improve the nation's health, from the bedside to the legislature.


I support the rights of all nurses, those nurses who want to join unions and those who do not want to join unions. I do not think unions are the answer for what ails the professional practice of nursing.

Michelle Mahon RN, LNC

Non-union direct care nurses must join together for effective patient advocacy. Ohio Hospitals have one union the OHA, shouldn't nurses as well?

Hopefully, ONA will choose to join with us. Only together can we fight the deskilling of our profession and cost cutting measures that endanger patients.

Hospitals (Akron General for starters) are using the economy to cry financial blues (even though they are not hurting) and cut costs. This will continue to harm nurses and patient care conditions across the state. A strong voice can expose short staffing, cost cuts, out of control spending and growth for what it is...a way to enhance the bottom line.

With unity we have a chance with natioanal staffing standards and safer conditions for our patients. What is not to want?


If NNOC's growth rate so far is any indication, the UAN-NNOC will take the country by storm. RNs are hungry for a RN union that fights hard, rejects partnership, embraces ratios and aims to fix the US health care system via Single Payer.


As far as I can tell these are the gold standard organizations for registered nurses in the country. i hope it works out.

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