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April 27, 2009


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An example happening here in the Houston area - a nurse was arrested last week (at work - though she is related to someone in administration and probably will be protected there) for murder related to the death of her child. I was in Austin at the Texas Board of Nursing Discipline and Eligibility committee meeting tuesday and spoke with the director of TBON (gotta love that acronym!). She was already aware of the case and while she stopped short of saying they had already opened a file, it was clear that they would likely be doing so soon. The nurse has a good criminal defense attorney and there are some legitimate questions as to her criminal culpability, she will be facing these questions again related to her license at some point in the near future. And the standard of proof in those administrative matters is not the same as in criminal matters. . .


Thank you for your comment. I would suggest that you schedule a telephone or in-person meeting with a nurse license defense attorney or administrative law attorney in your state to see realistically if this will impact your suitability for licensure and your employment opportunities if there is a conviction. It may not be a big issue but I would suggest that you speak with someone for your own comfort and knowledge. LaTonia

Dj Brown

I was arrested for possesion of marijuana. its a misdemeanor...should i even think about starting school to become a rn or should i just give up hope. im 18....it was an honest mistake.

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