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June 17, 2009


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Is it possible to get your license reinstated if pleading guilty to a felony charge of illegal prescription of oxycodone?

Mary Parsons

I pled guilty to unauthorized used of property. Does this mean I losee my lpn license?


I was battling cancer for 5 years and had my lvn license. Do I need to start all over or can I just refreshen some courses?? I'm in California


Nursing license will be suspended due to not having associates degree I have been a practicing RN for 6 years with same degree.


Hi Jill,

I think you should contact a nurse license defense in your state and review your options with this attorney. You need specific advice and counseling regarding your situation.


I had borrowed money from my grandma while her power of attorney while I was going to RN School. I had paid her back. Now I have adjudication of a charge of financial exploritation.I have 20 years probation, 30 days ankle monitoring, need maintain a job, a fine of 1,000. My nursing license is active. Will I ever be able to go back to my nursing profession and what do I need to do to do so. Thanks




back several months ago i told a coworker was going to give a family member a non-narcotic med that i had not disposed of properly before. unsure of how long i had the med at home. since my work has heard of this and states i can be fired for stealing and that they will probly have to turn me into the bon. how much trouble am i in here.

LaTonia Denise Wright, RN, BSN, JD

Hi D,

Thank you for your comment. I will email you off the blog. I am sorry to hear about your license suspension. The first step is finding a job either in healthcare in a non-nursing position or in another industry. Once you are working, I would suggest you consult with a nurse license defense attorney regarding the terms and conditions for your reinstatement. I offer legal consultations for precisely this reason. I am willing to give you a 50% discount on the legal consultation also. Just call my office when you are ready at 888-571-1110. LaTonia


I am a nurse in State A and my license was put on a limited probation for 2 years plus a fine. I was put on medical leave but due to extended leave, my short term disability ran out. I had no income or insurance. I
continued to go for my random drug screens but then due to financial hardship, was unable to afford the drug screen and fine. I explained the hardship to the Board but was told it was still considered non-compliance. I was advised that I could voluntarily surrender the license for a year with the hopes of my health improving and get a job to save for the fine. I wrote my letter of intent for a voluntary surrender but then was notified my license was suspended a month later. I explained that my letter of surrender was faxed to their office over 2 weeks prior to the date of the suspension letter and had proof. They said they could do anything about it. I can't afford a lawyer and cannot even obtain non-nursing job. I know it looks better to surrender the license but will it make a difference in trying to get it reinstated?


I worked under a lapsed license. I am willing to accept disclipline, but it has been months and I have not heard anything from the Ohio Board. I have attempted to contact them and they have not responded. Does anyone know how long it should take to hear something from them?

Nurse V

i need advise on what to do. My license was put on a voluntary surrender because my patient stated that i abused her sexual which wasn't the true story anyway. The surrender was to be for one year after which i can reapply. I have been in depression for the past year and i need to talk to somebody on how to go about this. Thanks

LaTonia Denise Wright

Hi Nurse L,

I am not licensed to practice law in Missouri therefore I cannot assist you with how to respond to your renewal questions.

You should consult with and/or retain a nurse license defense attorney in Missouri. See www.taana.org. You can also google "nurse defense" or "nursing law" or "professional license defense" and Missouri to locate an attorney in your state.

I am glad to hear that you finished your SATOP. http://dmh.mo.gov/ada/satop/.

Thank you for posting here. It allows other nurses to see the legal issues faced by nurses across the country.

Nurse L

About a year ago I was arrested for speeding and DWI. Now I am up for license re-newal. Will these affect my RN License? I am have never been in trouble before and just made a REALLY DUMB mistake. I did loose my driver's license for a little bit (but I have it back now) and completed SATOP. Help please! Thank you

nurse jennifer

I was recently terminated from my job as a nurse. I had a positive drug urine screen done as a work related injury where i was beat in the face by a violent autistic girl. I had a concussion. They said the urine was positive for amphetamines, which i don't know how or why- don't take any.I was taking sudafed at the time for sinus problems, I wanted to have a repeat test, but they said no. Will i be reported to State BON & lose my nursing license?


Hi Diana,

If you want to know what you need to exactly say in an OIG response, you should contact a nurse license defense attorney or an administrative law attorney in your state. At least consult with an attorney before you send in your response.


I just would like to know what exactly my letter is supposed to say to the OIG. I guess you are supposed to write a letter and then they send you a packet. I don't even have a clue what the letter is supposed to say. Help!



I am sorry to hear this. I would suggest you contact a license defense attorney in your state. Issues related to CNA certification, criminal convictions, allegations of neglect, abuse, or misconduct investigated by the Dept. of Health or the state agency regulating LTC facilities can become problematic especially if the CNA is enrolled in nursing school and plans to seek nursing licensure at some point. Talk to a licensure defense attorney in your state.


Hi I am currently an STNA and have caught 2 felony one drug charges. I am trying to find out information if I am going to have my license taken awa from and what my options may be. Any information would be helpful. Thank you


I'm applying to nursing school in PA, can a shoplifting charge from 25 years ago prevent me from going to school or becoming a nurse?

LaTonia Denise Wright

Thank you for contacting me. I would suggest you consult with a license defense attorney to discuss your suitability for licensure. My law office offers legal consultation for nursing students and NCLEX-Applicants.



I'm a nursing student and I have a seven year old misdemeanor conviction of child endangerment. I left my son in the car while I walked inside of a store, an officer pulled up and gave me a ticket. I paid a $100 fine and that was it. Will this stop me from getting my license? I would hate to complete this program only to find out that I can't get licensed.

LaTonia Denise Wright

Hi Concerned Nurse,

Although I know you say you can't afford an attorney, I think you need to at least consult with a nurse license defense attorney who is licensed in State A and/or State B who can provide with some direction, counseling, and advise. A positive cocaine screen is significant and its good to know you want to clear things up if possible with the State Nursing Board. See www.taana.org to find a nurse license defense attorney in State A or State B.

LaTonia Denise Wright

Hi Concerned Nurse,

The med mal defense attorney represented you and the other nurses from a med mal defense and nursing home negligence defense perspective. Surrending a license has severe ramifications for a licensed HCP and should not be done under any circumstances without the advice and counseling from an experienced license defense attorney.

I would suggest you contact a nurse license defense attorney in Calfornia ASAP; like NOW. You can contact Kathleen Murphy Jones and Kevin Murphy, who practice license defense in CA and NV or Melanie Balestra, NP, JD who practice license defense in CA and AZ for further assistance. You can also find an attorney in CA at www.taana.org.

Concerned Nurse

My name is C. I have a question regarding licensing issues from LVN to RN. When I was an LVN, a tragedy happened. I was asked to surrender my license as an LVN. I am now a RN. Will this caused me not to be able to renew my RN license? A resident died, the facility was fined, and the family sued and won. Several LVNs involved surrendered their license. All the LVNs were represented by a med mal defense lawyer. The lawyer told me to go ahead and surrender as it will not affect my RN license.

Concerned Nurse

I was going through a nasty divorce and tested positive for cocaine on a pre-employment screen. Shortly there after I moved to another state. It took almost two years for this to catch up to me, but of course I lost my license in State A, and then State B revoked it as well. Granted I did not handle this well, but who has their head on straight during a divorce. When it was revoked in State B, I had had enough due my being found guilty without any thought to the fact that my record was spotless up to that point. What can I do, I have not lived in State A for years, and financially I can not afford an attorney. Yet, they want some kind of proof that I do not do drugs. I would love to give them a hair follicle test if this would be accepted. I can not find employment, so now I am now having to get state aid. Any suggestions?



Thank you for your comment. I cannot answer your question. You need to speak with a nurse license defense attorney in your state who can then guide you on the most appropriate course of action. See www.taana.org for a listing of nurse attorneys in your state.


I can't answer your question. You should seriously consider hiring a nurse license defense attorney to assist you in the state where your licensed was suspended and consulting with another attorney in the state(s) where you have an active license. This is a complex question and you shouldn't try to figure it out without the assistance of legal counsel.


I would suggest that you contact a nurse attorney in one of the states you are licensed to assist you even if you pay for a one legal consultation with an attorney. This isn't a "yes" or "no" question because it depends on the individual facts and circumstances in your case.


if my license gets suspended in one state but i am already licensed in other states, can i still practice?


What protective responses can a nurse give in an interview for suspension that would indicate that the tasks assigned to her responsibility leave her in a situation of not being able to complete the tasks as assigned because there are verbal assignments given without representation. The Executive Director states for the nurse to go affix clean oxygen tubing to all residents before surveyors arrive.The nurse manager says to go update infection control log for the last three months before surveyors arrive, the corporate nurse overseer says to go give tb tests to 10 residents who had not received tests in the last 60 days, the corporate nurse consultant says will you pass medications on this cart ,we had to relieve the nurse from duty, the RCM says just set up those residents pills and I will run them, the alarm is sounding and the phone number beneath the alarm says call this number if alarm sounds....later after calling the number with no response the nurse learns that is the number of an employee whom is out on injury, the nurse consultant says you need to inservice these employees and I will cover the floor, during inservicing the nurses it is made aware that the nurse consultant is not covering the floor that this nurse needs to be doing that.The nursing director says you don't need to get the employee files and orientation up to date because we are not even in the window of state surveyors yet, you need to go admit this resident, the Executive director says You need to just get these folks through orientation, the Director of nursing says will you interview this nurse I need to go do an admit,she then sends the admissions coordinator to have me do the admission of a resident, and she is no longer in the building. This description is what occurs daily, every day ....Is there any way to legally correct this undocumented chaotic management of responsibilities?


Thank you for your comment. You really need to address this question to your attorney who is representing you in NY. If you are questioning the logic of what your attorney is telling you then ask questions and seek clarification with your attorney.


i am in ny and about to be suspended for 24months then one month stay for being out of work my attorney wants to give my information to the OMIG so it wont hit 6 months later.
Is that corrcet ? I understand that i may never be put on the list.

Tonge Lawson

Do you have any information regarding nurses concerning the Senate Bill 1986 passed in Florida recently (July 1, 2009)? This new law denies initial applicants to sit for the NCLEX is they have a felony record. What about nursing students who were already in nursing school when this law went into effect. Can they be "grandfathered in" or should they get an attorney who has dealt with this new law. It is effecting renewals also. Could you post some numbers of some attorneys in the Southwest Florida are?


Dear Nurse,

I had a similiar case resolved this year. My first suggestion is always to contact one or more nurse license defense attorneys to discuss your case. You need to hire a lawyer to assist you here because this issue isn't cut and dry. For example there are several issues here including but not limited to: allegation of impairment at work with the "light" hangover, scope of practice (any orders to start those fluids?), unsafe nursing practice (any med errors, missed documentation, or other patient care issues happen on your shift. It will be attributed to your "slight hangover"), and improper use of facility materials(no order for the fluids and no charge for the fluids). Next time, if you have a hangover, whether its a banging migraine type hangover or even a slight headache type hangover, stay home. If you were going to work and saying "Welcome to Walmart" then a slight hangover IMO isn't a big deal. I am sure Walmart however would see it differently. But if you are going to work as a nurse where you are administering controlled substances and making patient care decisions which require critical thinking skills, coming to work with a hangover ain't good judgment. You are a professional, a licensed professional at that. Its not worth the risk, just call in sick. Good luck with your situation.


I am a nurse and I came in to work one day with a light hangover. I had a headache and felt dehydrated, that was about it. Didn't feel unsafe to practice at all. My friend who I work with and had been out with the night before made a joke about getting a saline bolus at work. I laughed about it and we talked about it with the other nurses on that day. Our charge nurse laughed and said ya do it, it'll make you feel better. Eventually we did it, another nurse on the unit started the iv's and we hooked each other up to the iv fluids. We were turned several weeks later. Now I'm being reported to the board of nursing and being terminated. I don't know what to do or where to start.... Any advice? any help?



You really need to speak with a nurse license defense attorney in your State for further assistance. It may cost you a few hundred dollars but its worth it to determine how to proceed. Good luck.


I have my CNA surrendered because the oregon state board told me to surrendered it or they would revoke it for my husband taking money from a client of mine even though i had no idea about it the clients husband said i did know about it and my husband gave a letter of promise to pay the money back and i divorced him later because of this and i am wondering can i get my Lpn or RN or MOA??? any help appreciate it i was young and dumb and just gave up now i am ready to get back into the nursing field which i love so much and had no complaints before this



I would suggest you speak with an attorney ASAP about your situation to obtain guidance on how you should proceed.


I stole a credit card from a patient and the BON contacted me today concerning this.I know what I did was wrong but Im lost as to what to do next. Can you enroll into RN classes if your LPN license is suspended? Please help!!


I was bullied during orientation, not told my schedule, schedules changed without notice, locker broken into, etc. All the time, the manager told me I was 'doing fine' as she went on vacation. A week later, she returned, fired me and sent a letter to the Nursing Board, claiming I was spaced out, didn't seem to know anything about nursing, yada, yada. She bullied the two nurses who were supposed to be mentoring me into ridiculous lies--such as I suggested hanging an IV from a nail in the wall, even though we were running piggy-back IVs. They were such obvious lies, I honestly thought the nursing board would laugh. They didn't. I was so naive and trusting, and exhausted from doing a travel nurse job in a strange place while caring for my mother with dementia, I could not afford a lawyer and never got through the whole stack of documents. They sent the bound copy to the wrong address, so I literally could not even find what pages they were on at the 'informal' hearing, which was no so 'informal.' It was like a courtroom, big long table, a trio of nurses firing questions in front of an audience of several dozen. I have never been a good public speaker. What really threw me, was they decided to make an issue of my original drug test for the job which was never mentioned (there was no sort of drug issue, malpractice or anything). I could not explain it as it listed I had ailments I didn't have, and was taking Percocet for them. I was so upset, I didn't know what to say. Later, I got home and realized, my name wasn't on it, there was no identifying factor--they had made that up, too, claiming they had called my doctor and she had said those things. I called her--they had never called her and she said "I would never have said you had that." Also, they did not list the prescription med I was taking, and which would have been on there. A shame I didn't catch that at the time.

I thought that was the end of it--I made a good presentation (I thought) of how none of their stories even agreed. They claimed I had to be 'redirected' and 'rambled.' I have no idea where one would get a pro bono attorney.

Worse yet, when I went back to my home state, I received a letter saying I could not work in any institution or organization that received Medicare or Medicaid--I have no idea why as nothing had anything to do with those. However...I could work for FREE as a nurse, since there is not REALLY anything wrong with my license, but I can't be paid unless I got back to the other state and straighten it out. How is that for being hypocritical?

I think I have grounds for a good lawsuit, but again, I could find no lawyer even willing to talk to me for free to explain my case.


I need help! Two years ago I was ordered to surrender my license. Feeling very intimidated, and confused, I complied. I have not been able to find any other employment, since nursing is all I have ever done. Broke, unemployed, unable to hire an attorney, is there any hope of getting my license reinstated, ever.


Yes, a Cali licensed attorney should be able to represent you. Nursing Board cases are not like criminal cases where you have to appear before a judge every couple of weeks related to Motions filed. See www.taana.org for a referral to an attorney in California to represent you before the State Nursing Board.


I have recently received charges against my Cali Nursing License from the BON related to a pt I cared for 3 yrs ago. As a travel nurse, my residence is in another state. Will a Cali attorney be able to defend me without me being present?


In the course of teaching as a nurse educator with a BON approved Nurse Remediation and Nurse Refresher Program including clinicals I run into many nurses that have legitimate and not so legimate reasons that they are facing board action. It can be a toxic work environment, non-supportive work environment, poor staffing as well as impairments, dangerous work habits, sloppy documentation,etc. There are many issues in our workplaces. Attorneys like this is often the first and best step. Being pro-active and having insurance is well worth the cost for reasons like this. I do suggest fighting for your license and complying with stipulations for the majority of nurses unless there is a continuing impairment involved. You are welcome to contact me via email regarding remediation or refresher/re-entry education issues at [email protected]

Deb g

I have just been fired for non compliance of icare standards. I was written up by fill in new charge nurse for appearing to busy. The charge nurse stated that the family knew we were short staffed and that they needed more nurses like myself. The charge nurse also stated that i did not want to give a pain med to a post op pt who was added to my list. I had 5 pts. with no cna, which means i had total care to do, 3 of them which were assist of 1-2 persons, 2 with psychiatric problems and then received the post op that afternoon. I asked charge nurse from the room of other pt if she would administer the pain med because i couldnt get to it at that time. She also stated that i didnt have time to give this med. Anyway the next write up was for supposedly stated in front of the patient that the reason he was still hospitalized was because their floor blew up his urethra, for one i dont remember stating this in front of the pt or in such a manor and another i had to pass this info on to next caregiver. Other than this they stated that they had sent my file for review to HR and decided that it would be better to terminate me. Several months before i had been written up for not calling a stat result to doctor, admission nurse stated that she had got everything done, my bad for not making sure, and for not giving adminstering lasix which was caught by the next shift. I was also written up for not initiating safety precautions in the computer after having the pt for 1.5 days and everyone before me that cared for him supposedly got written up for this no tolerance standard. I have an unemployment hearing on 6/28/10 and open for any advice. I had an average of 18-20 pt compliments per quater, and enjoy caring for pple with lots of compassion and love. The supervisor advised me in december that maybe i would do better on a slower paced floor. Couldnt transfer because of write. PLEASE HELP


I am an RN who made a medication error at work and it was reported to the supervisor. They "investigated" my narcotic administration and said that it was "suspicious" that I gave meds out to other nurses patients. I was unable to prove that these nurses were either on break or needed help at the time and I was fired for this, and my file was sent the the State BON. I decided to join the VRP and am just disgusted with it and i'm wondering if i have violated anything with my license that i couldnt prove to the BON? They thought i was stealing medications but i havent done this and dont feel i have done anything unethical. The VRP program does not care about me from anybody else and i can rarely get in contact with them which is why i cant to quit. I also want to consider going back to school but if my license does get suspended or revoked am i able to be licensed as a physical therapist or pharmacist for example?


It should not cost you an arm and a legal for liability insurance. Try Nursing Service Organization (NO) and Marsh Affinity for starters.


I am a registered nurse in South Carolina. I have been on probation for about 3 yrs. As part of my probation, I was told I have to complete a nurse refresher course. I am currently enrollled in the course, but before I can complete the clinical portion I must obtain malpractice insurance. where can I obtain this insurance with a encumbant license? who will insure me? Is it going to cost an arm and a leg?


I know it's crazy, but I still miss nursing. I look forward to getting my license reactivated and have an attorney with me this time.
Main reason to get it activated...

I would like to continue my education and aim for a BSN. I never ever had a complaint before, I had no idea what to do, I sought advice, which was inaccurate,

I was always a good worker...then a complaint was filed by a patient , in a LTC, who was so mean to me and others....and she used that experience to threaten other nurses to do what she said or they would not work again...She made my life go upside down...it still hurts after this amount of time...

The case was decided before I got to the BON in my state ...and I got there 1/2 hour early before the scheduled time...I would love to work in an acute care setting, or perhaps hospice.

In my heart I am a nurse, one's license can be limited, placed on probation, or whatever...once a nurse always a nurse.


After being accused of something I did not do by a patient ( who was just darn mean and stated I will get you fired), a complaint was filed. I spoke with the investigator, sent in my statement by mail to the BON. When I went to the hearing, the decision was already made...they claim they did not get my letter in the mail and automatically I was found guilty. That crushed me and I walked away crying never to work again. Recently, after explaining to the instructor about my lapsed license .I enrolled in a nurse refresher course, spoke with BON rep, sent a copy of my license to the instructor...enjoyed the class, only to be told just prior to clinical's I couldn't go. I would like to clean up my name and continue in nursing. My license was limited along with a fine. I will contact an attorney and maybe get back into nursing...that incident hurts today years later, as if it was yesterday.

That patient tried to get other nurses fired in the LTC telling them that they would be fired "like that nurse".

Why am I interested in going back? my "bucket list"..doing the things I would like to do before many years go by and then I would be too old...


I am sorry to hear about your plight of stealing the credit card of co-workers. You need to speak with a nurse license defense attorney ASAP about your situation because your situation has criminal, licensure, employment, and career implications for you going forward. If you are licensed in Ohio, Kentucky, or Indiana, contact my legal assistant Jaren directly at 513-328-8217 for a telephone appt. with me.


Hi North Carolina Nurse,

You should speak with a nurse license defense attorney in NC about your situation and how you should proceed going forward. You can contact the North Carolina Nurses Association also and ask for attorney referrals.

Please help me!

I stole two co-workers credit card and was fired from work. Will I lose my license? I really need to work as a nurse to support my family.


Hello I am in the state of North Carolina.I have a med error on a comfort care only patient who had mottled feet and hands, had stopped eating and drinking prior to the med error. I have been asked some questions by the state nursing facility person.Are my license in jeopardy of being revoked or suspended?And what do you suggest for me at this point. I have resigned from the facility that this occurred at.


No, there isn't a SOL in Ohio Nursing Board investigations, evidentiary hearings, or probation/monitoring. If you are on probation with the Ohio Nursing Board and you are not represented by legal counsel, you should schedule an appt. with a license defense attorney to answer questions you may have regarding your Consent Agreement or Adjudication Order.


is there a statute of limitations for probations with the Ohio BON?


i have an ex-husband who's a nurse who's been fired half a dozen times in the last four years for stealing narcotics from the hospitals that employs him. and time and time again, he gets a restricted license, jumps through the hoops of rehab and sporadic drug testing and has been able to find work AS A NURSE.

it blows my mind. you people seriously deserve oscars for playing the victim roles so perfectly.

has it ever crossed your mind that the patient is your number one priority, not YOUR JOB??? i am appalled then any of you, or any type of person LIKE you could be taking care of me, my family, my friends and other loved ones in the hospital.

all of you obviously care about your own self interest and will do whatever it takes to avoid responsibility.


take responsibility for you actions for once in your life.


Is there a statute of limitations for the nursing board in ohio regarding probations?

also, do you know where on allnurses.com i would find the suggested work sites for nurses on probation? i have looked and i can't seem to find it.. thank you =)


Hi Elizabeth,

Thank you for your question. I would suggest you contact a license defense attorney in your state to schedule an appt. to discuss your suspension and the terms/conditions for the reinstatement of your license. See www.taana.org.


My nursing license was suspended due to felony charges. I need to know if I can get my license back


I am working as a LVN and a family member is suing the facility im working at. I am afraid that my name might get involve, and if that happens, and we have go to court. Do i need to get my own attorney or the facility will have one for all of us? what is the best way to deal with this situation? should i trust the facility's attorney?


Dear C,

You can contact my legal assistant Jaren at 513-328-8217 and schedule a legal consultation and telephone or in-person appt. with me to discuss your case. It sounds as if you are passionate about nursing but frankly you need objective legal advice and counseling from an Ohio license defense attorney about your suitability for initial licensure as a LPN or RN and employability as a RN or LPN with three felonies and a misdemeanor. I would be happy to review your documents and provide you with this service.


Please help!
I want to enter the field of nursing but was told my past will prevent me from finishing any program and worst yet prevent me from being licensed. I have 2 felonies and a misd. that are about 20 years old. I was confident of having a great chance at being admitted and granted a license at program completion. But I was a partner in a business that closed down about 5-6 years ago. I was just contacted by the court and informed that I am being charged with "theft" for lack of the company paying $18,000 back to OJFS. If I am found guilty on on this as a felony what are my chances of obtaining my dream of becoming a nurse? Thank you so very much for your time and advice.



I am sorry to hear about your plight. You should look on allnurses.com and review some of the suggested work sites for nurses on probation. You may also want to try completing applications in person instead of online or obtaining a position as a STNA or MA then transitioning into a LPN position to build confidence with a new employer. Don't give up. Also try searching for employment closer to major cities in your state even if you have to relocate or travel a longer distance to work.


my nursing license is on probation for 1 yr b/c i had a misdemeanor unauthorized use of property in 2006. in order to get off probation i have to work as a nurse for 1 yr (using my license) but no one will hire me b/c of the probation. i graduated a yr ago and still no luck. its time to renew my lpn license, but i'm considering just letting it go b/c it seems like there is nothing i can do about it. any ideas/advice? thanks


Hi WI Nurse,

I don't know who told you "not to get an attorney yet" but now sounds like a good time to me. Getting an attorney to assist you with a State Nursing Board complaint isn't a bad thing, it just means you need some assistance guiding you through the process. Contact the American Association of Nurse Attorneys at www.taana.org for a referral to a nurse attorney in WI and good luck. Let us know how it turns out.


I've received a call from WI BON regarding an incident. I submitted a statement but was told the nurse investigater was not satisfied and they are going forward to somehow prove I did this; no formal hearing and I was told not to get an attorney "yet"; I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING! Can a person be "framed" or blamed for something they did not do and how do I prove that now?


Dear Bluewater,

I would suggest you speak with a nurse license defense attorney in the non-compact state where you are considering licensure about the basis for action against your license in the Compact state and how this is viewed by a non-compact State Nursing Board.


Can an RN with a license on probation with monitoring requirements in a compact state obtain an unrestricted license in a non-compact state?


Thank you for your comment, Texas. You really need to speak with a license defense attorney in the great State of Texas ASAP. Contact Joe Flores, RN, NP, JD or Taralynn Mackay, RN,JD. Both are Texas nurse attorneys with experience in these cases. Randon and non-specific advice from a chatroom, forum, or a online board won't help you at this point. You need counseling and advising related to the specifics of your situation. Good luck with everything.


Please i need help. I receive a letter from the Texas Board of Nursing recommending that i voluntarily surrender my vocational License. The board after investigation ruled I surrender my License voluntarily, and probably reapply after one year.I'm confused. I need advise on what to do.


Nurse in Need of Help,

You need to speak with a license defense attorney in your state/jurisdiciton ASAP. This is not the type of complaint you want to represent yourself in with a State Nursing Board because it will be most difficult for you to be objective about a situation/circumstances that are so very personal. Talk to a license defense attorney NOW to discuss your case.

Nurse in Need of Help

I have a child neglect complaint with a nursing board. How does a nursing board view these types of cases? Will my license be revoked?


Tom, you can contact and schedule a consultation with Nancy Brent, RN, JD. She is a nurse attorney in Illinois.

Jamie, I cannot provide you with specific advice about your situation. In general, a nurse who has a suspended license can work as a medical assistant or nursing assistant. Check with your State Nursing Board as I am not sure if your State Nursing Board regulates nursing assistive personnel. You can also check with your State Nurses Association on specific law and regs in your State. More importantly even if you can legally work as a MA or NA some employers don't like to hire nurses with suspended licenses for these types of positions for a variety of reasons.


I took my test in Illinois and pass for my license and right before this I pled guilty to a DUI. Now that all my friends license number has posted and mine has not. Am I going to have a problem with this? What do I do now? Who do I talk to about this? Again this is in Chicago, Illinois?


I have a suspended RN license. Can I legally work as a medical assistant or CNA?


Thank you for your comment, Megan. I would suggest you talk to a license defense attorney in your State about the specifics of your nursing license suspension as this may impact your admission into PA school/training and your suitability for licensure as a PA. Licensure suspensions are a big deal and you need concrete advice based on the details of your suspension and the conditions for the reinstatement of your nursing license.


I am an RN with a suspended license currently. After the suspension is up, can I return to school to become a physcian assistant or will schools just turn me away because of this? Will this poision my future forever? Does the discipline after come off my license or is it on there forever???

Ashley M

2 years ago i came up positive for marijuana in a pre-employment drug test in (pennsylvania). 2months later i got a letter from occupational health of pa and was sent to a counselor. I told the counselor i didnt have an addiction it was something i did once in a blue moon. The counselor told me i eigther admit to an adiction and enter into the vrp for 3 years or lose my license for 3 years. I was in the vrp for two years, nobody would hire me, i had to take a minimum wage job and was not able to keep up with drug testing, counseling, etc and was kicked out of the vrp. Now my file has been sent to legal and im up for suspension of my license. I was told i could enter into the disciplinary unit for 3 more years and start over, however, i will not sign any more contracts that state i have an addiction bc this is what got me in this mess to begin with. I s/w a lawyer who told me i could have walked away from all of this in the beginning. Now what???


Nurse Brenda,

Thank you for the comment. I don't know the terms and conditions of your probation or the factual basis for your discipline and what are the restrictions if any on your nursing practice. As a general rule, I have found that nurses on probation with the Nursing Board have a harder time finding a position in a hospital (unless you have worked at the hospital previously) than other healthcare settings. Try smaller healthcare organizations like home care, hospice, clinics, nursing homes, and physician offices where you will be able to interview with a decision-maker initially as opposed to a hierachy of HR and nursing management staff. Be positive and prepared to explain why you are on probation with the State Nursing Board. I hope this helps and I hope you find employment as a nurse soon.

Nurse Brenda

I have not lost my licenses but am on probation with the state in live in I have done what the board has asked me to do but part of my probation is working as a nurse I can not find a job any suggestions?


Joan, thank you for your comment which I did not publish in full because you were rude and more importantly, your comment is inaccurate and wrong; not everyone who has a suspended license is excluded by the federal Office of Inspector General, PERMISSIVE exclusion.



I agree that it is unwise for nurses to walk away from any BON investigations. The biggest reason to advice ANY nurse NOT to walk away is because of the OIG exclusion list.

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