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September 12, 2009


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Tess, thank you for the thoughtful comment.


This is my opinion, nursing should be approached with an stronger ethic from those persons wishing to become nursing professionals.
Nursing is not just a steady job now and future, or a secure way to maintain economic stability, nursing should be approached as a way of living, not making a living.
I have read studies that state nursing personel are rated very high in the public eye as being "trustworthy"
It breaks my heart when I see or read about nurses breaking that public trust.
A good nurse acts and understands what the practice act covers and most of all what the patient deserves in their care.
It is my belief that nurses need to uplift their fellow commrads, actually nurse their fellow commrads and treat them with respect, understanding and compassion, like most of do our patients.
Treating other nurses with respect, in my opinion with drop the number of complaints, with respect and understanding comes knowledge and a stronger work ethic.
Educate each other, work to better the nursing environment and we along with our patients with only benefit in the end.

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