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September 11, 2009


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FL SB 1986 defines a healthcare related felony as a reason for denial of professional licensing. Thus it would appear that if a person has a non-violent felony on their record and civil rights have been restored, that person should be ok to obtain licensing in the healthcare field.

Laws need to be changed. For example, after 9-11 events, 175 misdemeanor laws where changed to 3rd degree felonies in Florida. One woman was convicted of a felony for not removing a fallen tree in her front yard after a major hurricane swept thru Homestead FL. The local clerks office sent a certified letter to her home (which was inhabitable) and when she failed to respond, they issued a warrant for her arrest. She was convicted on an FTA warrant. She lost her job of 15 years because of it. Another person sold a computer on FleaBay and the buyer paid with a counterfeit cashier's check. The seller cashed it and the police arrested him for possession of a counterfeit payment instrument. Lacking funds for a private attorney, his public defender told him to plead guilty to get out of jail and avoid a prison sentence. It was his first conviction.

Background checks are preventing alot of felons from getting good paying employment for which they are qualified. BC fall under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, but employers who use them are not following federal regulations. They are supposed to notify the applicant if a BC was used and then forward a copy to them for review. Not a single employer in the USA is doing this. BC are done in the shadows and then the applicant is notified that another applicant has been selected instead without giving them proper explanation. A class action suit needs to be filed against national employers.

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