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June 03, 2010


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Amen, sister!

You know, Blue Bell has a really good Peaches and Cream Ice Cream . . .

Another thing to add about getting information online from peers is that not all facilities nor all managers in the same facility share a common definition of what may be a board reportable event, nor do the rules in each state have the same requirements/exceptions under the mandatory report statutes/rules. So reliance on "advice" from peers may be a situation where you are talking about apples and the peer is talking about oranges . . . (trying to get LaTonia back on the diet here with fruit!).

And that is not even mentioning the propriety of talking about a patient care issue online where the nurse is probably disclosing PHI to a third party without permission. I know there is alot of hyperventillation about HIPAA, but that would be a clear violation and likely board reportable in its own right.

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