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August 23, 2010


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Thanks, Marc. Its frustrating. Its one thing not to know the law, rules, regs, and standards for your own invidiual nursing practice but when you combine these with the running a business and billing and providing healthcare services to the public, you are asking for double trouble. If you own and operate a nurse-owned business you must have a plan for regulatory compliance and risk management. This applies to IP-RNs, IP-LPNs, APRNs in private practice, etc. Work with a practice consultant or retain an attorney who specializes in nursing practice issues.



I can't believe these folks would consider working this way without having an attorney (or some sort of practice consultant at the very least, with experience in the field) on retainer. This is a business expense that should not be shorted in any way and should be treated as any other important business expense, like malpractice insurance or medical supplies.

When a nurse is practicing independently of an employer such as a hospital or agency, they are RUNNING A BUSINESS! I suspect you are seeing a bunch of nurse that thought they could "just wing it" and do just fine. But as the old saw goes - a failure to plan is planning for failure.

And to top it off, if they become an excluded provider with regards to medicare, they may well become unemployable (state board investigations are having the same effect in many cases now with the economy in the current economic doldrums) if they try to start working for an employer.

I think you have it right when you give these folks that answer to some of those ridiculous statements . . . Really?!?!?

Marc Meyer

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