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October 09, 2010


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Edie, you hit the nail on its head. Because nurses are not served by sheriff with a complaint or they don't have to appear before a judge at the courthouse, I think there is a tendency to minimize the seriousness of a State Nursing Board complaint, investigation, and hearing. Also most nurses don't see the value or need for legal representation in these cases because "its the Board of Nursing, I am a nurse and the Board members and Board staff are nurses" so how bad can this be, right? I have been told legal representation is too expensive but I always think its your license which is your golden ticket to employment opportunities at risk and you don't want to spend a few thousand dollars on an attorney. A 60 inch plasma flat screen vs. a week long family vacation vs. retaining an attorney to represent you before the State Nursing Board. Hmmm, let's see....

Edie Brous

Many nurses also do not realize there are collateral implications for signing a consent order. They need to be advised regarding excluded providers lists, data banks, potential employment problems, etc. A nurse may represent himself/herself before the board and find that doing so was a career-ender. I completely agree with you LaTonia that professionally licensed professionals really should be represented by counsel at all stages.

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