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August 21, 2007


Joe Flores, RN,MSN,JD

I would love to talk about that. To avoid burnout I have two "right hands" who help keep me straight at the office and in between speaking, my show and representing nurses and other health care professionals I try to do my other things (writing, research) and my practice. My practice is about 30% federal including civil and criminal, 40% health law and assisting nurses and the remainder product and pharmaceuticals. For the first 3 years out I did nothing but medical malpractice and nursing home litigation. With tort reform in Texas that business has gone way down. I started my own firm in 2004 and have two other attorneys who work with me and support staff of 2 legal assistants and one receptionist. It's a small outfit but we are like family. It's hard out on your own and the recession has effected everyone. But creative marketing and speaking have kept the business coming in. Joe

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