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July 11, 2008


Stephen Howard

When I worked for others I didn't enjoy marketing that much. I felt ill equipped for it, and I felt the person I met with really wanted to meet the owner.

Now that I am on my own I enjoy marketing. I enjoy meeting new people, revisiting established relationships, blogging and coming up with content for the website. Brainstorming promotional ideas is almost recreational.

I think the dislike of marketing comes from several sources. First, most lawyers have no idea what they need to do or say. Lawyers hate being unprepared, so they avoid the situation at all costs. They don't teach marketing in law school and the concept that just being friendly and yourself can actually sell your practice seems foreign. Second, if the act of marketing is repugnant, then if there is no direct reward for marketing, why would you do it. Moat lawyers in firms hate to market because it feels like a hassle without a payoff. Lastly, while you are out marketing, things sit on your desk and you fall behind. Marketing, like everything else in a solo-practice, takes balance. You have to market to get cases, but if you are out marketing nothing happens at the office.

I enjoyed your blog and bookmarked it.

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