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July 18, 2008


Stephen Howard

The hardest part is trusting it was done right. My kids have come and done filing for me occasionally. They got it right. Maybe because I stood over them making sure. If you have to train the assistant from scratch, or if they will require constant supervision, it isn't really as helpful as a trained person. I was lucky in the first year of solo practice that a paralegal I had worked with would come by every other weekend or so for four hours at no cost.

Latonia Denise Wright

Stephen, thank you for the comment. I recognize that I need some assistance with clerical and administrative tasks however I am not ready for employee.

Stephen Howard

Your welcome for the comments.

I'm in a similar situation. My practice gas grown to a point a part-time employee would be very helpful. Unfortunately, cash flow prohibits adding any staff right now. So I'm stuck using family and volunteer efforts in the short term. The problem for me is that the real help I need is in a person who can reliably generate paper. In my field that requires some experience. Sure, I have to review everything, but if I have to edit heavily, I might as well have done it myself.

My dad plans to retire in less than a year and is interested in working with me. It would be helpful, but that first several months of training him and learning to let go of delegated tasks will be hard.

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