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August 21, 2008


Joe Flores, RN,MSN,JD

I see the civility and courtesy going to the way side in some rare instances. It brings to mind an extreme case that frankly took all of my resolve to withstand. Because of a simple discovery issue and inability to agree on what should be disclosed to the other side, the attorney for the opposing side, in my estimation, went way overboard. Specifically,the attorney called me a liar , accused me of the most egregious things and slandered me and personally attacked me for no reason at all other than to intimidate and gain an upperhand. Never in all of my years as a nurse paralegal or attorney had my integrity, my word or my reputation been questioned and never had I been confronted with such blatant unprofessionalism or hatred. It was with a heavy heart that I stood toe to toe over issues that had nothing to do with the litigation and which did nothing to benefit the clients or the court. The judge immediately and in my estimation justly, ignored this lawyer's attempts to sanction me for only doing my job. I think your open question, therefore, is very relevant. I firmly believe in our legal system and I do believe in my heart that most attorneys are not like the one that I noted above nor like the nurse attorney that you encountered. I hope that this person understands that "Rambo" type litigation should not be tolerated and that nurse attorneys, in my opinion, should even be held to a higher standard of ethics by the very choice we have made to have two professions that help us not only practice ethically, but compassionately.

Joe A. Flores, RN,MSN,JD

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